#HausTunes: Sundazed Vibrations Vol. 8

I am currently writing this post as I sit in my hotel lobby before my flight leaves from Chicago. This is trip number one of four trips planned for this month. It’s been a hectic couple of weeks and I can really say that the playlist calmed me this morning.

It’s been nearly a month since my last post and I am completely embarrassed by that, but I swear to you new content is coming! Since then, I saw and met JMSN during his Detroit stop of his tour. The goal was to interview him, but time didn’t permit. However, he did remember my name from a couple DM correspondences!

This month’s playlist includes some new songs from SZA’s album CTRL that dropped on Friday. In addition, includes some new music (finally) from Jhene Aiko that’s less Maniac and more Sailing Souls like. This month also includes quite a few new artists I never even heard of like Wulf, Crvde and Tavi Montelle.

I know people listen to music on different platforms, so I wanted to ensure that #SundazedVibrations was on different platforms as well. So from here on out the playlist will be available for play on both Spotify and Apple Music.



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