#HAUSTunes: Sundazed Vibrations Vol. 1

I live for music. In every aspect. I have 10K+ songs downloaded on my iTunes. I would probably have wayyy more if we weren’t in the age of music stream services like Spotify and Apple Music. Because of my love for music, I wanted to curate and share monthly music playlists to allow you all to get a sense of my music taste that may not be fully encompassed through a concert review. Plus there’s nothing better than a good playlist!

Sundaze: A state of mind or place often associated with Sunday's that promotes well-being
and relaxation.

Sundazed Vibrations is a monthly curated playlist radiating off good vibes, beats and lyrics to maximize that Sundaze feeling.


This month’s Sundazed Vibrations are coming all the way from Cali. I’ve played the playlist a couple times while I’m out here for work and let me tell you… MOOD! I hope you all enjoy this first installment. Let me know your thoughts on the artists and songs selected for this first installment of SV. Hopefully there’s something new you heard. Hopefully there’s something that moves you this Sunday as you prepare for the week.

Without further adieu, I present #HAUSTunes: Sundazed Vibrations Volume 1.

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