Pretty Girls Like Trap Music–And Great Marketing Campaigns

Confession: I’m a pretty girl who likes, well loves, trap music. I am also a pretty, PR girl who loves a great marketing campaign.

On June 16, Atlanta/College Park native rapper 2 Chainz dropped his fourth studio album, Pretty Girls Like Trap Music. Debuting at number 2 on US Billboard 200 charts, Pretty Girls Like Trap Music had one helluva marketing campaign. PGLTM marketing campaign kicked off in February with a Spotify playlist series of the same name curated by women like Erykah Badu, Amber Rose, Kehlani, Cardi B plus many moreThe latest installment of the series dropped on July 5 and was curated by actress LaLa.

Scrolling through IG a couple weeks ago I came across someone standing on top of a hot pink car with a hot pink house in the background painted with the words ‘TRAP’ on the front. I was intrigued and immediately went searching to find more about this cultural masterpiece AKA The Pink Trap House. After a few clicks of a hashtags and @’s, I found out it was on display in Atlanta and was at the hands of 2 Chainz for his latest album. It was as if the #DoItForTheCulture gods were looking down on me ’cause I would be traveling to Atlanta days after.

As a pretty girl who likes listening to trap music while working a 9-5 career in the advertising/PR industry, I am always interested in not just the product but how the product is delivered. If you’re able to deliver a dope product with an even more dope experience you have me sold. (BTW. no pun as it relates to dope and trapping LOL) 2 Chainz’s team focused on delivering experiences that would generate great promotion of both himself and his latest album.

Aside from the #PinkTrapHouse, 2 Chainz also created a Trap Salon that was painted similar to the trap house and had pink decor inside for consumers to visit and get their nails done. You would think things stopped there, but NAH! The Pink Trap House hosted several sip and paint events and even served as a free HIV testing clinic on the Fourth of July. I sorta just want to go to his upcoming tour for the sole purpose of seeing how his campaign will transition on the road from his set to available merch for purchase. He’s even partnered with Trap Karaoke in a few markets to serve as opening acts.

2 Chainz just didn’t deliver a great marketing campaign with various consumer touch points, he delivered a pretty damn good product with the  Pretty Girls Like Trap Music album. PGLTM is perfect summer time driving music and I’ve resorted to it as my ‘get sh!t done!’ music. A few of my favorite songs from the album are Saturday Night, 4 AM, It’s A Vibe and Trap Check.

A lot can be learned from 2 Chainz as it relates to implementing marketing campaigns. It’s more than just putting out an ad to sell your product. I wouldn’t be Ky if I didn’t give a few tips I learned from 2 Chainz. So, here are three tips you can implement in your next campaign to get trend worthy engagement:

Do It For The ‘Gram

Make sure your marketing campaign is engaging enough to trend on social media. You want to develop a campaign that a person wants to capture and share with their friends. I made it a task of mine to stop by the #PinkTrapHouse in the morning before I left for the airport back home. It’s currently my most liked recent picture on IG. The trap house has had so many people stopping by to take pictures and to just hang out that many local businesses complained about the traffic. Although the #PinkTrapHouse lease ended today and will now by painted over, by being a trend-worthy engagement it’ll live forever on social media.

Do It For The Culture

Make sure your marketing campaign not only connects with your audience, but make sure your campaign makes your consumers feel connected. The #PinkTrapHouse quickly became a tourist stop and made people feel connected to the culture by taking pictures and videos in front of it. 2 Chainz took his connection further by connecting with community issues such as HIV by offering free testing. He not only gave something for the culture to jump aboard, he gave support back to the culture that was supporting him. If you are able to bring a community component into your marketing campaign, by all means, include it.

At The Same Damn Time

First, I know ‘at the same damn time’ isn’t a Chainz reference, but who cares. It works for this purpose… Couldn’t make it to the trap house? 2 Chainz is bringing the same aesthetic on his 30+ city tour that kicks off on August 1. The theme of his album has been translated into Spotify playlists, merch, sip and paints, salons and more. Ensure that your campaign has an opportunity for people to engage with your brand in different ways. Just like everyone doesn’t learn the same way not everyone likes the same engagement. It’s important that you learn your audience in depth — you should know what they like to do, where they like to go, who they like to go with, etc.

One time for 2 Chainz. One time for the culture.

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