#PodcastPicks International Women’s Day Edition: For The Launch

It’s International Women’s Day and if you’re participating in #ADayWithoutAWoman then I figured some motivational #PodcastsPicks from some kick ass women would help put you in overdrive! Asia returns to bring her fourth #PodcastPicks installment.

Hey! I’m Asia. A digital creative, Creator of EmpireLifeMag.Com and self-proclaimed podcastaholic. I’m pretty sure I listen to podcasts more than I listen to music these days. A great way to breeze through the work day, workouts, long drives… podcasts are my go-to for pop culture tea, tough love talks and motivational mantras.

Due to February flying by sooo super fast and missing the promised week four of my #PodcastPicks (sorry yall!), Ky so graciously welcomed me back to drop my final list just for International Women’s Day today.

This week, it’s for the launch. Women are EVERYTHING. Unstoppable, incredible and unbreakable in all areas of life of course but when it comes to business and entrepreneurship… we run it. At EmpireLifeMag.Com, we celebrate entrepreneurship everyday, it’s what I created it for: to recognize young women in business and encourage aspiring entrepreneurs by equipping them with tools and resources to build their empires. Since then, our direction has changed a bit but entrepreneurship remains a foundation in everything we do.  Read below for my faves that I go to when I’m ready to switch into grind mode.


When I tell you that Myleik is my entrepreneurial blueprint… goodness. I can’t even remember how I was introduced to her but I’m so very thankful I was. As CEO of CurlBox, Myleik is super transparent when it comes to the makings of her business, her amazing grind and her personal journey. When she talks… you listen. Her podcast is so great for women, especially Black women, who aspire for excellence in every area of their lives.


Dr. Shante Holley is my personal fairy godmother. Knowing her in real life has been such a blessing but she is also an open book when it comes to her life and business. Her podcast, Believing Bigger, has helped countless people experience breakthroughs both professionally and personally as she seamlessly intertwines branding principles with the Bible. It’s GOOD.


This is a fairly new listen for me but ever since I was put onto this podcast by one of my business boos Kyshira, I’ve been hooked! Presented by podcast powerhouse NPR, entrepreneurial pioneers share their super interesting background stories of how their brands grew into the mainstays we know them to be today. My favorite episode so far has been about AirBNB, really really dope.

It’s so harddddd to say goodbyeeeee but you can always stay connected with me on TWITTER and INSTAGRAM. It’s been real! 🙂

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