#PodcastPicks Week #1: For The Laughs

For February I decided to tap Asia, a digital curator & millennial maven, to guest post each and every Friday to present… #PodcastPicks!

Hey! I’m Asia. A digital creative, Creator of EmpireLifeMag.Com and self-proclaimed podcastaholic. I’m pretty sure I listen to podcasts more than I listen to music these days. A great way to breeze through the work day, podcasts are my go-to for pop culture tea, tough love talks and motivational mantras.

Each Friday in February, I’ll be sharing my podcast faves (there’s a LOT) and why I suggest you give them a listen. This week, it’s for the laughs. These are my go-tos when I want to hee hee and ki ki. Check them out below.

The Read

The Read is EVERYTHING to me when it comes to podcasts. The first podcast I’ve ever listened to and I’ve been a complete fan ever since, so much so that I went to one of their live shows in Chicago. Consisting of the dynamic duo of Kid Fury and Crissle, The Read is the GOAT when it comes to pop culture podcasts. Both are certified Beyonce stans so you can almost guarantee to hear them mention her at least once each week, whether that is to your delight or dismay. Insanely hilarious and brutally honest, each Thursday morning I’m tuned in.

Ignorant Philosophy

This podcast lives up to its name for sure. If you enjoy to hear real Black men talk candidly about anything and everything, Ignorant Philosophy is definitely for you. Real, raw and uncut. Hosted by Eric, Keenan and DJ Boogie Bang, this Indianapolis-based trio is who I turn on when I want to have a carefree, no-strings-attached listen to give my mind a break. Their banter has given me many open mouth laughs and their beat-boxed intro songs are pretty awesome.  Be warned however, the talk can get raunchy and wild at times but that’s what make me like it so much.

Comedy TrapHouse

Created by comedy group Dormtainment, Comedy TrapHouse is a solid listen for any podcast head. I’ve been following Dormtainment since their early days on YouTube so of course when I found out they had a podcast, I was all ears. This is another all-male led pick but personally, I think Black men are some of the funniest people on earth. From music to current events to their day-to-day life as roommates and creatives in Hollywood, you can always count on a range of subject matter. PS: The “would you rather” segment is hilarious.

Next Friday, it’s for the love. Until next time…

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2 thoughts on “#PodcastPicks Week #1: For The Laughs

  1. I LOVE The Read podcast. I listen faithfully each week. I haven’t heard of the other two, but now I plan to check them out! Thanks!

    1. Welcome! Hoping you’ve enjoyed them. I ended up binge listening to Ignorant Philosophy. Always a good laugh! And The Read is HILARIOUS!

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