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One year ago I decided to take a leap of faith and launch HAUS OF KY. It was a transition of growth that pushed me to move away from Buy Any Means Necessary, where I blogged for about 4.5 years. Despite having blogged before, this feels different & right. More than a year ago I shared my logo with close friends for their opinion. More than a year ago I considered not going with the name HAUS OF KY, which I am soooo glad my line sister talked me out of that. Speaking of which, she’s the one who took these pictures following my blogiversary brunch!

I appreciate everyone who has supported the first year of H/K — friends, coworkers, my hairstylist, other bloggers, influencers I’ve met during my PR career, people I’ve never met in real life, strangers I’ve met just in passing i.e. TSA and my family. One time I was at Best Buy with my then eight year old nephew and his enthusiasm about my blog warmed my heart when a cashier asked what my hat said and he answered for me!

Within the first few months of H/K going live, I learned the real life meaning of  closed mouths don’t get fed. If I had kept my mouth closed I would have never had the opportunity to interview singer Khalid and actor Kofi Siriboe. In both cases it was a simple ask to them of being interviewed. I’ve learned a great deal in going for what you want – no matter what. Which is why I’ll be launching my own line that will consist of apparel, coffee mugs and more! One of the shirts will be the shirt I’m wearing which is as real as it gets cause bloggin’ ain’t easy – at all! Follow @byhausofky on Instagram to find out when it’s dropping!

For this upcoming year, I want to become more consistent with posting and developing content, interview more people, travel for the purpose of my blog, brand sponsorships and so much more! I hope you all in for the journey ’cause I have a feeling year 2 is about to be LIT!

In honor of my one year blogiversary from now until November 12, when the 13th installment of #SundazedVibrations drops, I’ll be doing a giveaway! Sign up for the newsletter below and you’ll get a chance to win 3-months worth of membership to Apple Music or Spotify. If you’re already subscribed to the newsletter, you’re already entered in!


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