Let’s Eat, New Orleans!

If you know me well, you know I loveeeeeee and liveeeeeee for New Orleans. Since 2014, I’ve had the honor of visiting New Orleans five times, two of which being this year. If it wasn’t for my linesisters wedding this weekend, I would actually be in New Orleans right now. I already have it determined that I’m going to retire in New Orleans or at least have a second home there, if God blesses the bank account for a shorty LOL

Knowing I love New Orleans & great food, friends are always asking me where they should go in the Big Easy. So, I figured, why not come up with a foodie guide of a few of my favorite places to eat at to share with errybodyyyy! 🙂 BTW. This will be a part of a series consisting of places to frequent of  food and drinks in different cities.

Lüke — 333 Saint Charles Avenue

What To Get: If you choose to only visit Lüke once in your lifetime, which I would advise against, then you must, MUST get their JUMBO LOUISIANA SHRIMP “EN COCOTTE” AKA shrimp & grits. Their S&G are TOP 5! Seriously some of the best I’ve ever had. They come in second to DC’s Busboy & Poets which says a lot because their S&G would make you want to pack up and move to DC. In addition to the S&G, I’ve also tried their oysters, crab & corn bisque and the Lüke burger which were all pretty great. If you’re into oysters the best time to go is during happy hour where they have .50 cent oysters and half off drinks (get a French 75 & thank me later).

Johnny’s Po-Boys — 511 Saint Louis Street

What To Get: It’s all in the name… Johnny’s Po Boys has been delivering the good people of New Orleans with great po’ boys since 1950. If you’re not aware of what a po’ boy is it’s simply a sandwich dressed with toppings like mayo, tomato, pickles and lettuce on french bread with meat/seafood of your choice. Whenever I go to Johnny’s I usually opt for the half shrimp po boy & seafood gumbo special. Please note they close early each day (around 3/4) and if you go during a busy travel season there will likely be a line & limited seating. Trust me, still go. It’s well worth it. A bonus is that they deliver if you’re staying in the French Quarter!

Café Du Monde — 800 Decatur Street

What To Get: Beignets. Cafe Au Lait. Beignets. Cafe Au Lait. Everyone visits Café Du Monde when they go to NOLA. It’s like a must stop tourist location. The CDM in Jackson Square/French Quarter is 24 hours. TWENTY. FOUR. HOURS. YUM! Side note: If you venture down all the way down Decatur street you’ll come across an outdoor market that sells food, spices, clothing and more. Stop and get a Snoball. Please!

The Ruby Slipper Cafe — 1005 Canal Street

What To Get: Their egg benedicts are legendary. Legendary. At least for me they are. They have six different varieties and I’ve already tried three of them; Shrimp Boogaloo, Eggs Blackstone and Chicken St. Charles. Get a side of their breakfast potatoes and you’ll like want to take a nap afterwards. Warning – they get pretty packed so expect a line during high tourist traffic like ESSENCE Festival and Mardi Gras. I’ve only been to the one on Canal St. but they have multiple locations.

Drago’s Seafood Restaurant — 2 Poydras Street

What To Get: Charbroiled Oysters. Even if you don’t like oysters, you have to get these. They will change ya whole life! Seriously. The first time I had them my bestfriend and I made the mistake of just getting the half dozen. DO NOT GET THE HALF DOZEN! I repeat… DO NOT GET THE HALF DOZEN! You’ll be pissed at yourself and trying to savor the last oyster in all its buttery, topped with cheese goodness. So go ahead and get the dozen!

Parkway Bakery and Tavern — 538 Hagan Avenue

What To Get: Another great place to grab a po’ boy from. I’ve had their shrimp po’ boy and it was really good. Like good enough for Obamas to frequent the spot when they visit New Orleans. I’m not a fan of bread pudding, but I have heard good things about their bread pudding. Note: This is not in the French Quarter area so you’ll need to catch a ride to this spot, but it’s worth the Lyft fee.

Popeyes Louisana Kitchen — 621 Canal Street

What To Get: I know what you’re thinking… I can get Popeyes anywhereeeee. Listen. Popeyes tastes better in Louisana. I don’t know if it’s a mind thing but I do know as an avid Popeyes eater I’ve had the best tasting Popeyes while in NOLA. Popeyes makes for great recovery food at the end of the night after many Tropical Isle hand grenades.

I’d like to end this foodie guide with my love letter to New Orleans…

Dear NOLA,

It’s a little weird not being together this Fourth of July weekend. Especially considering we’ve spent this holiday together for the past three years. I am glad we got to spend a few days together a couple weeks ago though. You never ever disappoint.

I am greatly appreciative for you opening your arms to me my first time visiting you back in 2014 when I was unsure of exploring solo. I thank God for letting that fear go away after the first day because if it hadn’t I wouldn’t have fallen so deeply in love with you. It was during that time, at the age of 24, I finally found more comfort in being by myself.

Thank you for sharing your culture and people with me. Thank you for amazing food and great memories. I’ve had the pleasure to experience your beautiful streets both by myself and with friends.

I’m happy we’ve had the chance to be in each other’s presence on multiple occasions. Although we won’t share beignets and gumbo and fireworks this holiday, know that I still got love for ya!

I hope everyone who meets you falls as much in love with you as I did back in 2014.

Until we see each other again! With tremendous love, Ky.

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