#SeenByKy: Mo Pop Festival ’17

This past weekend I had the opportunity to attend my first outdoor music festival, Mo Pop Festival. Lucky for me, this dope outdoor music festival took place in my backyard of Detroit. If you remember a couple weeks ago, I blogged about it being one of the three music festivals I wanted to attend this summer. Welp. 1 down. 2 more to go!


Living in the downtown Detroit area with access to public transportation towards the festival site, I thought getting to Mo Pop was finna be a breeze! *haha davis voice* NAH! I had to take two different types of transportation & still had to walk a mile down. Feet on fire in sandals (BTW. don’t wear sandals to an outdoor festival-your feet will hurt & they’ll be dirtyyyy cause of all the dust).

When I finally did make it to the festival, I arrived just in time to catch a portion of Aminé’s set, which included him performing his hit single, Caroline. Following his set, I walked around a bit to take in the full experience & boy was it a FULL experience. Multiple food trucks/tents for any food craving you could think of; beer and drinks readily available; free water refill station; vendor tent consisting of everything from jewelry to henna tattooing; and they even had an arcade. AN. ARCADE. AT. A. MUSIC. FESTIVAL!

I went into Mo Pop with one goal–come out being a new fan of an artist/band and that’s exactly what happened. I got the opportunity to catch PVRIS set, a rock band from MA & I was jamming the wholeeee time!

I THOROUGHLY enjoyed Run The Jewels, a hip hop group consisting of rapper Killer Mike & rapper/producer El-P, set ’cause it was litttttt. Everyone was hype and into their set the whole time. You know at some concerts there’s that one or two songs were the crowd chills out for a little bit? Nope… not during RTJ. People were crowd surfing the wholeeeeee time. The energy they had on stage and the energy of the crowd made me sorta kinda want to join in on the crowd surfing myself LOL



I was a little bit more smart on Day 2 of the festival as I opted against public transportation and rode down to the festival with my linesister. I wasn’t smart in wearing sandals the second day, despite my feet killing me the previous day. I also wasn’t smart in staying hydrated because waiting for Solange’s set I was about 45 seconds away from passing out & had to leave the crowd and my pretty close proximity to the stage.

It had to be Sunday’s lineup, cause Day 2 was packedddddddd. All the food truck lines were on bang & the crowds for each set were massive. I didn’t mind the crowd cause it’s something about music and libations that makes everyone friendly.

Tyler, The Creator put on pretty dope set & his banter throughout was hilarious. I will openly admit, I’m not a big Tyler fan but his latest album, Flower Boy, turned me into a fan. He ended up performing a few old joints before transitioning into songs off Flower Boy. If you haven’t listened to yet it, please go listen NOW! Whole album is LIT!

Now, to the moment I was waiting for… Solange! Solo came out & did her damn thing oozing #BlackGirlMagic all over that stage. She performed all my favorite songs off of A Seat At The Table including Cranes In The Sky, Mad & F.U.B.U. On top of songs off her previous projects including Sol-Angel & TRUE, she performed The Proud Family theme song. Damn near lost it! Her performance got me alllllll the way together & I left wishing three things: that her set was longer, that she performed her cover of Stillness In The Move and that I got to meet her.

Despite my traumatic experience on Day 2, I really enjoyed my first outdoor festival! If you’ve never attended one, I would highly recommend it. Just remember, stay hydrated & don’t wear sandals. I’ll definitely be returning back to Mo Pop Festival in 2018!

*Outside of Run The Jewels photo, all photos courtesy of Mo Pop Festival.

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