#SeenByKy: Murals in the Market

Last Sunday I headed to Detroit’s Historic Eastern Market to take a look at a couple mural installations a part of the third annual Murals in the Market. More than 50+ local and international artists painted murals live over the course of eight days.

With plenty of murals I didn’t get a chance to see, below are some of my favorite murals by 2015-2017 Murals in the Markets artists:

During my exploration I also came across some other pretty cool pieces and even came across a couple of abandoned buildings that had some dope graffiti.

I just couldn’t leave the warehouse without having an impromptu shoot and taking a couple pics. Also, I came across an half empty spray paint can & couldn’t help myself.

You can check out the a various murals in the markets a part of Murals in the Market by checking out their map here.

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