img_6042Hello there! The name is Ky. I am a PR girl by day (and night because my job never seems to stop), blogger by late-night and this is my life + style blog. I am a city dweller, currently finding my way through Detroit. When I’m not catching a flight or my favorite artist in concert, I’m likely being annoyed by lovable and cute dog, Khloe. I read fashion magazines in between NBA games while sipping on the cheapest, yet best wine I can find at Trader Joe’s. I can be found in a Zara dress on Mondays and a Nas shirt and Timbs on Fridays. I am firm believer in the ultimate switch up, which is apparent in my many different hairstyle changes. Don’t interrupt me while I’m watching The Blacklist or Power and we’re all good. All in all, I’m sorta like an Olivia Pope meets Anna Wintour meets Robyn Fenty.


HAUS of KY is a life + style blog curated by Ky. It is the Fall 2016 spin-off of Buy Any Means Necessary. H/K is an online destination for all things Ky-related–from style with celebrity looks and outfits of the day; to music with concert reviews and curated playlists; to food (& libations) with recipes and restaurant reviews; to life with home decor, travel and advice that I’ll probably leave off with “idk tho” so you can never say I ruined your life. (: Plus everything in between! If you want to get an up-close look into my life, while maybe taking something away for your life, here’s your chance! Welcome to HAUS of KY!